The Best Natural Living Products from Legacy Herbs

We have hand-made soaps that are kind to the skin, Insect Repellants that are economical, convenient, safe and effective. We have advice and tools to Quit Smoking, herbal remedies for aching and itching, like our Old-fashioned Liniment, Ivy Rinse, and Healing Ointment, and Essential Oils. I prefer safe and natural in all things.

Plus we offer our own music and video by Raymond and Sue Creasy, now on Facebook, from 40 years of songwriting. Our Youtube channel is where our original videos are, on topics varied from chainsaw mills to Art Studio tours and live concerts. Now we have Art books featuring Raymond's diverse art from the last 3 decades, and we collaborate on graphic design projects. Raymond combined my older Legacy Herbs logo with his Shamrock when we got together around 1995. Thanks for being a patron of the arts.