Lick Creek Band LP remastered to CD

Lick Creek Band: Home in Tennessee
Lick Creek Band: Home in Tennessee
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Songs from 1974 LP: California Song, Clear Running Stream, Misty Mountain, Sack Full of Pennies, Tattered Letters, Vicksburg, Home in Tennessee, Mock Western, When Will the Story End, Faded Dreams, and Morning Train. All original songs in country, bluegrass, blues styles, which we call Americana today. Travis Tucker - vocals and guitar; John Jaworowicz - vocals, bass, steel guitar; Raymond Creasy - guitar, banjo, dobro, harmonica, recorder, and dulcimer. Other friends playing: Gerald Bone - drums; Lee Gamel - pedal steel guitar; Vernon Norwood - drums on Home in TN and congas; James Petty - cello and flute; Charlie Sipes - fiddle. Art direction by Michael Thill, recorded at Shoe Productions in Memphis, mastered at Ardent Recording Studio, a product of Atlantic Records, then remastered to digital 2015 by Raymond & Sue Creasy.